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To Be Free

October 30, 2014

Hey all, Snake here. Falc's been uber busy lately so me and Fart had some time to play around and write a song. We then decided it needed a video, so here's what we've got! Falc pitched in to make that stellar animation at the intro.

This video is not related to MC or any games, it's just a fun catchy tune with a BIG acting star playing the lead role in the video! You may recognize him...


Hope you enjoy it!

Episode 25 AND our first Livestream!

October 23, 2014


So here's episode 25! 2 days later than was originally scheduled, but everyone seems to be loving it. We're trying to get more content out before Halloween, so expect at least one more piece of content before the end of the month.


Edit: The THEY HUNGER Livestream (via http://www.twitch.tv/falconerohtwo) was a success! We had a lot of people watch, show up and play! If you missed out, this screenshot pretty much sums it all up-



I don't think They Hunger was made for 20 people.


I couldn't download the stream to make a video out of, but if you'd like to see some of the footage, Vinticuffs was kind enough to record it all. Hop around the video to watch some of the footage- http://www.twitch.tv/vinticuffs/b/581766795?t=6h39m10s



THEY HUNGER Retrospective Video

October 19, 2014


I'm going a little against the schedule I posted earlier this month, but only because this will give more time to those that want to join us on the 25th. More info here-



EPIC LOOT Pilot + YoloProBro vid

October 12, 2014



TNA Ep. 25 should be out next.

Ercterber! Ermagerd!

October 5, 2014



To elaborate on the schedule...

A pilot to a new potential series will be airing on Happy Hour on the 12th (or so they have told me). If people like it, they may ask for more episodes. Will this put a drag on TNA release times? Not really. With episode 25 it admittedly has, but that's primarily because it took a while to gather a new team together so the workload would be much easier on my end.

There will also be a new Yoloprobro video released on the 12th on my channel. It sucks. Seriously, don't watch it unless you want a headache.

Episode 25 should be released between the 18th-21st. If everything remains on schedule (lots of animation and music to be done still).

On October 23rd I will release a unique 10-minute video about an old horror game I loved when I was younger. Well..it's a Half-life mod, but a game nonetheless! You will need to own Half-Life ($10.00 on Steam) and download SvenCoop at www.SvenCoop.com. I'm attempting to organize an event where we all can play it (and stream it?), so if you have any suggestions, post in this thread.

The OPs and I will be hosting Legendary Events through all of October (saturday AND sunday), so make sure to check the Server Events thread in the forum.

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