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THEY HUNGER Retrospective Video

October 19, 2014


I'm going a little against the schedule I posted earlier this month, but only because this will give more time to those that want to join us on the 25th. More info here-



EPIC LOOT Pilot + YoloProBro vid

October 12, 2014



TNA Ep. 25 should be out next.

Ercterber! Ermagerd!

October 5, 2014



To elaborate on the schedule...

A pilot to a new potential series will be airing on Happy Hour on the 12th (or so they have told me). If people like it, they may ask for more episodes. Will this put a drag on TNA release times? Not really. With episode 25 it admittedly has, but that's primarily because it took a while to gather a new team together so the workload would be much easier on my end.

There will also be a new Yoloprobro video released on the 12th on my channel. It sucks. Seriously, don't watch it unless you want a headache.

Episode 25 should be released between the 18th-21st. If everything remains on schedule (lots of animation and music to be done still).

On October 23rd I will release a unique 10-minute video about an old horror game I loved when I was younger. Well..it's a Half-life mod, but a game nonetheless! You will need to own Half-Life ($10.00 on Steam) and download SvenCoop at www.SvenCoop.com. I'm attempting to organize an event where we all can play it (and stream it?), so if you have any suggestions, post in this thread.

The OPs and I will be hosting Legendary Events through all of October (saturday AND sunday), so make sure to check the Server Events thread in the forum.

The "End of August" Random Update!

August 29, 2014




Part 25 is being worked on, but I'm heavily involved in a pilot animation for Happyhour too. Unfortunately this means 25 is lagging a bit behind schedule. I should have the pilot done by the middle of September, and I predict 25 should almost be ready too. It's difficult juggling 2 giant projects from 2 separate teams, but rest assured they'll both be out in the near future.

I am not at liberty to discuss this yet...



We were lucky enough to attend the Chicago Comic Con (aka Wizard World) last weekend and grabbed a few photos. I got to meet Patrick Stewart! Of course he's a great guy, but I don't have the photo I got with him just yet. I'll upload it soon! If you want to see our album of the event, click here-

And lastly, if you haven't seen this yet...



Due to popularity and curiosity, we made Yoloprobro a potential series. YPB is based on actual videos we've seen, and he signifies pretty much everything I'm against with Youtube videos. I consider the majority of Let's Plays or Livestreams as the Mcdonalds-quality of Youtube content. But so far people seem to be enjoying it. What do you think we should do with YPB? COMMENT!

Q&A #2!

August 11, 2014


What else is going down around here?

- We're working on part 25, but we just got green lighted to do a pilot to a new series on Happyhour. I have 2 extra people helping me with it, so we should have everything done by September. I was hoping 1.8 would be out before I released episode 23, so hopefully the next episode will be out right after 1.8 is released.

- Mojang's new EULA? Here's what's going to happen to our servers- http://brainforcev.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6924-new-eula-the-server-and-you/


- August is a busy month! Chicago Comic Con! Updates inevitable!

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