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May 10, 2015

First off-




Though you should appreciate your mom more than just 1 day a year, make sure to buy her something nice like a box of frango mints or take her out to her favorite restaurant. Or if you're like my mom, take her out to see Avengers: Age of Ultron!






Finally got this done! Congrats to the winners. I'll be sending you a message on the forum very soon. If you submitted something to the art contest, you'll also be getting a small prize if you drop by the server. Just holler at me when I'm on!


Server IP changed as detailed in the video (NOOBADVENTURES.BEASTMC.COM). The reason for this is Beastnode wanted to consolidate all their addresses, so we had to swap to a .com address. They warned me about this a month ago, but I unfortunately thought it was for some storage service they offered and didn't realize it would alter the actual server. Aside from confusing a bunch of people, everything is fine. I'll be making the proper changes so if you see something highlighting the old address, respond to this post and let me know where it is.



I'll be releasing the soundtracks to episodes 25-27 sometime on wednesday, followed by episode 28 (hopefully) a few days after that. I'll update this post with any relevant updates that I may have forgotten!


May 5, 2015

So Beastnode decided to close all their .org and .net subdomains, so I had to change the server address! The new IP is-


Sorry for the sudden change. Drop on by!


April 28, 2015

It's been a tad bit quiet lately. Rest assured episode 28 is almost done! There's over 12 minutes completed and I'm still working on it, but I'd say as far as animation goes, it's probably around 92% completed. Also I've postponed the 'Art-Contest-winner' video till early May as I decided episode 28 should be the priority for me. Here's a random screenshot of Noobly climbing up the ladder to face off with Gaylord.



It's been a very strange month! You might have noticed I haven't been on the server too much for it. I've been working on different projects for random companies and there were a few people in my life that needed a lot of help, so the server had to sort of take a back seat for a while. I also got sick for a few days so I was down and out for those. GTAV came out too, and I'm in love with it. Seriously, they put so much effort into every little thing that it's just absolutely fascinating.

After the series is done, there'll be a few more releases but I'm going to need to take a break since the weather is getting nice and I've been glued to my PC for way too long this year. I'll keep you all informed on what's happening though! 


April 2, 2015

Some people thought the previous post was real. Seriously? You fell for it? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! So I imagine you want an actual update?


Episode 28 is being heavily worked on. I'm trying to get it out before the end of April, but like 90%+ of Youtube artists, I'm terrible with release schedules. I can't say or show much about the next episode as any other screenshots would contain spoilers, but all I can say is it will be an action-packed episode. Potentially the longest episode too!

What else is around the corner? A new Gaming with Gaylord sometime this month featuring a long-awaited PC title that will be coming out on the 14th (or so they say...).

We will be having a server Easter-themed event on Sunday, so check this thread out for that-

Speaking of Easter, you have till the end of that day to submit an art piece for the contest! HURRY UP! 


April 1, 2015

Very unfortunate day today. I just got a cease and desist from Mojang saying that I broke their media EULA, so I can't finish Noob Adventures without the risk of being sued for massive amounts of money. Kind of sad considering it took them till the end to come in and wave the red flag on the series.
What does this mean for me? Well I'll probably scrap the final episode and work on a new project that's much easier to make. I'll try to quell all the people complaining about how long each piece of media takes and maybe start a new Let's Play series. Sitting around all day playing games and doing a minimum amount of editing sounds very appealing at this point. Youtube has gone downhill in the last few years anyway, so I might as well join the flow. When in Rome, right? I've already talked to Yoloprobro and he said he wants to get atleast 10 episodes out on my channel by mid-April. So here's the first!


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